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Ecosia — Year in Trees 2020

Ecosia — Year in Trees 2020
Ecosia — Year in Trees 2020

Ecosia — Year in Trees 2020

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees:

We don’t know what you searched for because we anonymize your queries. But we know what your searches achieved. Here’s how your searches on Ecosia turned into trees even during a difficult year. Here’s your 2020 in trees.

A big thank you to Kalima and Sylvain from Foodorama for the images from Colombia in this video. Follow their beautiful work here:

Produced by Fátima González-Torres (IG: @fatilugonzalevic)
Editing & post-production by Sina Samavati (IG: @sinasamavati)
Motion graphics & animation by Sina Samavati
Writing by Fátima González-Torres
Cinematography by Shane Thomas McMillan (@dokumentarian), Sina Samavati, Foodorama (

Make Ecosia your default search engine to plant trees while you search the web:

Ecosia is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and many more.

You can also download Ecosia on your mobile:

Stay updated on how Ecosia is helping reforest the planet by visiting our blog:, on Instagram (@ecosia), on Facebook (@Ecosia).

We also have an online shop! The sales from each t-shirt funds the planting of 20 trees at one of our reforestation sites: